A tasteful investment

Have you ever heard of a beer architect?

Admittedly, the wordplay puts you somewhat on the wrong track. In our case, it is about an environmentally committed former architect, who now brews organic beer.
That environmental awareness has remained, as Biobieren Warmenbol brews its beers completely organically.

For our organic beer, we use only pure and organic ingredients.
Additives and additives are strictly limited during the brewing process.
We won’t do it for less.

But we also want a fair model economically: we want to work socially and in close consultation
with all concerned, cooperate with other brewers and consult with those who drink our beers.

Investing in the future

Investing in the future is giving extra financial breathing space to an initiative you support.

You build a direct connection and you invest in something you believe in. Perhaps Biobieren Warmenbol is such an initiative that perfectly fits your outlook: organic, cooperative and with attention to fair trade.

The shares in the cooperative Warmenbol are shares for participants – so-called C shares.

Would you like to subscribe to one or more of these shares? Then you will receive a fair compensation: an annual dividend voted by the shareholders’ meeting or a compensation in kind. Up to you the one-off choice when subscribing to C shares.

Another idea is to sign up for an organic brewery visit voucher in your name. This is non-transferable and so you come and get your own beer at the brewery every year for as long as you live.

Interested? You can sign up at any time via email.

How it works

You pay a fair price for our beers, we have a very open policy and give our shareholders a say in our cooperation.

This is how we strengthen our ties with those who invest in Biobieren Warmenbol.

You can see in the schedule what compensation you can claim when you subscribe. You can also opt for dividend distribution when subscribing to C shares.

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