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A brief history

Paul Warmenbol has been brewing flavourful organic beer as a beer architect since spring 2014.

But it actually all started in 2009 with a commission for the old Feys-Callewaert brewery in Beveren on the Ijzer. However, this one had not had beer production since the 1960s.

As an architect, Paul therefore sought contact with De Struise Brouwers in neighbouring Oostvleteren. These brewers also happened to be in need of an architect. Through these collaborations, Paul became intrigued by the brewing process.

A brewing course was taken at the Alvinne brewers in autumn 2014. A learning experience resulting in the first Liza tripel. It was then produced in collaboration with Den Hopperd and officially launched in summer 2015. Meanwhile, Liza has become recognised in Aartselaar as a regional product for the Antwerp Zuidrand.

This was followed by Trinkel and Zwarte Madam in 2016, Single and Bessy the following year, followed by Kapke, made for the Ringland initiative, and finally Panem, Bierbok and Drie.

Gradually, Paul found that “beer architect” would not be out of place as a profession. After all, there is a lot of creativity in working out recipes and coming up with names for brews.

Not least, brewing together and enjoying new brews together brings about a compelling passion.

Organic beer

The fact that a beer carries the label "organic" indicates that all the ingredients used in it were grown organically and have also been officially certified.

Beer basically involves all products except the brewer’s yeast and also the water, because water is simply not grown.

Because we have our beer certified as organic, we rely on inspection bodies whose job it is to check the growers’ compliance with the prescribed rules for organic cultivation. These inspectors also come to the brewery to make sure that everything is done in accordance with the organic regulations.

As the supply of ingredients allows, we go even further down this road and prepare biodynamic beers. These can be recognised by the Demeter label on the label.

Ingredients from biodynamic agriculture come from farms that work according to the insights into agriculture expressed by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 and further developed in guidelines that seek a dynamic balance between animals, plants, soil and people.

Just as with the organic label there are organisations that control production and processing, so it is also the case with the biodynamic beers with the Demeter label.


I never used to like beer, but since getting to know Warmenbol's beers, that has changed: Liza is my favourite!
Nancy Scheyltjens, owner of De Plantaardige Kok in Vosselaar
Kapke covers everything!
Kristien De Boodt, owner of CSA Plukboerderij Schelle
Zwarte Madam is the ultimate one!
Jonathan Unimke, importer London
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