Changing Water into Beer. Organic Beer.

I love
the new Liza.

Bart Desaeger,
brewer at Den Hopperd

De Pittige Droge Tripel,afbeelding van Biobieren Warmenbol, flesje Liza met glas

LIZA 9,0%

The Spicy Dry Tripel: brewed with Poperinge hops. Its flavour profile starts off with a sweet smell, after a short bitterness follows a spicy touch that turns into an aftertaste of floral honey.

Once, as beer lover, I drank a homebrew beer, but now, whenever I'm in the shop, I just yell: 'Give me a Trinkel!'

Erik Krosenbrink, CEO of UseMan bvba Aartselaar

Organic beer with glass TRINKEL 8.0%


The Smooth Hoppy Tripel
is characterized by a hint of citrus originating in Popering hops; together with a touch of herbs, they determine the taste of this spelt triple, which is partly generated by dry hopping.

I'll have a Bessy because I love its blueberry taste.

Bessy Fan

Organic Beer with Glass - BESSY 5.0%

BESSY 5,0%

Summery Fruit Beer,
is pure, unsweetened and subtly acidic; a fruity, reddish-brown thirst-quencher, brewed with blueberries and barley malt. Bessy is also gifted with a gentle aftertaste.

I've never liked beer, but that has changed since I got to know the Warmenbol brews. Liza is my favorite one!

Nancy Scheyltjens, zaakvoerster van De Plantaardige Kok Vosselaar

A silky smooth 'lentebock', image of Biobieren Warmenbol, bottle of Bierbok with glass


The Silky-smooth Springbuckis a dark amber DEMETER buck beer with notes of roasted malt and a hint of chocolate; a lager fermented with German Tettnang hops.

Zwarte Madam is the ultimate beer!

Jonathan Unimke, London importer

An earthy-dark stout, image of Biobieren Warmenbol, bottle of Zwarte Madam with glass


The Earthy-Dark StoutRoasted barley and rye malts create slightly-sour coffee, chocolate, caramel and liquorice flavours. Poperinge hops provide an appropriate hint of bitterness.

Even though I rarely drink beer, it's definitely possible to seduce me with Kapke.

Sonia J. organic produce and fair trade lover from Schoten.

The Double Blonde, Biobieren Warmenbol image, bottle of Single with glass


The Double BlondeA youthful, easy-to-drink beer, slightly bitter and with a hint of honey. Brewed with a single barley malt, one Poperinge hop, one type of yeast and brewing water.

Panem is a spicy thirst-quencher. This Session IPA always tastes great!

Paul Warmenbol, brewer and architect from Aartselaar

Session IPA table beer,picture of Biobieren Warmenbol,large bottle of Panem

PANEM 2,2%

Session IPAis an easily digestible, carefully seasoned and hopped, low-alcoholic spicy blond. It's brewed with barley malt and excess spelt bread.

The Kapke covers everything!

Kristien De Boodt, CSA Plukboerderij Schelle manager

The Blonde Spelt Beer, Biobieren Warmenbol image, bottle of Kapke with glass

KAPKE 5,0%

The Blonde Spelt BeerFruity herbs and a refreshing citrus hop combine to create a spicy whitebeer you just have to experience. Brewed for the benefit of RINGLAND Antwerp.

I love drinking a Saison, preferably under some blissful sunshine.

Saison Lover

The lively thirst-quencher, Biobierenimage,  Warmenbol, Saison 3 bottle with glass


The Lively Thirst-quencherA summery DEMETER blonde beer with spicy aftertaste, brewed with barley and rye after the widely acclaimed beer type from rural Hainaut.


All our tasty beers can be ordered online.


Your Custom Beer - We'll brew your custom beer with personalized labeling - image of a bottle of beer with Your Custom Beer here.

Would you like to have us brew your own organic beer?

Some of our beers, such as Zwarte Madam and Kapke, are made to financially support a specific cause. Others are created on demand, such as Bessy, Trinkel, Panem and Bierbok.

Do you have something to celebrate? In that case, we can create a beer that suits that specific occasion. That way, your partying friends, family members, businesses and cultural or social organizations can enjoy organic beers with their own labeling on the bottles!


Image of European organic label - our beers are certified organic

An organic label on a beer bottle indicates that all ingredients used were grown organically and are also certified organic. 

Biobieren Warmenbol image, water - organic beer ingredient

Usually, in order to be called an organic beer, all ingredients need to be certified organic, except for the yeast which is only certified to be free from genetic manipulation, and the water, which isn't grown and thus can't be certified organic. During our beer production, both tap and ground water are used.

Biobieren Warmenbol image - organic beer ingredients

By having our beer certified as organic, we are relying on official inspection bodies that check whether growers are adhering to all necessary organic cultivation rules. The inspectors also visit our brewery on a regular basis in order to make sure that everything is done according to the organic production rules and regulations.

Biobieren Warmenbol, grain - ingredient of organic beer

We choose to work with organic ingredients because of two different reasons.

First of all, we want to offer beer lovers an authentic, great- tasting product without any pesticide, artificial fertilizer or other artificial aids or additives.

Additionally, we'd like to see our Earth being taken care of optimally. This includes the health of our planet's soil life, soil structure, flora and fauna.

Photo of Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy and its practical applications, such as biodynamic agriculture

Depending on the possibilities opening up within the range of ingredients on offer, we are set to travel even further down this road and brew more biodynamic beers.

Demeter label - Logo of the Demeter foundation, biodynamic agriculture pioneersThese can be identified by the inclusion of the Demeter label.

Biodynamic agriculture ingredients are provided by farms working towards the insights into agriculture expressed by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 and further elaborated upon in strict guidelines.

image of honeycomb with bees - we brew our organic and biodynamic beers with respect for nature

Our aim is to take into account the influences of both life on earth, including all living beings populating this world, and the cosmic forces of the moon, planets and stars, in a dynamic balance with our animals, plants, soil and people.

While biolabeling bodies oversee organic production, the Demeter organisation is responsible for correctly labeling our beers as being biodynamic.