• biobieren-warmenbol
  • 9 bieren geschenkverpakking
  • Organic Beer with Glass - BESSY 5.0%
  • Pa
  • Organic beer with glass - 3-SAISON 4.5%
  • Organic beer with glass - KAPKE 5.0%
  • Organic beer with glass - SINGLE 6.2%
  • biobier met glas - ZWARTE MADAM 9,3%
  • Organic beer with glass - LIZA 9.0%
  • Organic beer with glass TRINKEL 8.0%
  • Organic beer with glass - BIERBOK 6.5%

Gift Box


Wooden crate with 9 beers



This gift box contains our 9 organic beers. 9 different flavors, enjoy 9x. 1xLiza, 1x Trinkel, 1x Bessy, 1x Bierbok, 1x Zwarte Madam, 1x Single, 1x Panem, 1x Kapke, 1x Saison.


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Empty 33 cl bottles can be exchanged in liquor stores and some supermarkets, or in our brewery. Large bottles belong in the bottle bank.

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