a tasty investment

Ever Heard of a Beer Architect?

Admittedly, the wordplay might throw you off.

In our case, we're talking about an environmentally-conscious former architect who currently brews organic beers.

That environmental consciousness is still readily apparent, as the beers brewed by Biobieren Warmenbol are fully organic.

So What Do We Do, Exactly?

We develop beers, brew them ourselves and offer those unique beer concepts on the market, so that you as well as everyone else is able to enjoy them.

Today, we are brewing no less than nine different organic beers, of which two are biodynamic.

Biobieren Warmenbol - a tasty investment - invest in organic produce here

We use pure and organic ingredients exclusively and keep the use of additives strictly limited during the entire brewing process. We make no compromises!

We are also proponents of a fair economic and social model. Biobieren Warmenbol works in close consultation with everyone involved, cooperates with other brewers and listens closely to customer feedback.

In return for the honest price you will be paying for our beers, we have a very open policy and we give our shareholders a significant say in our cooperative.

This allows us to forge and keep strong ties with our Biobieren Warmenbol investors.

We guarantee a solid financial foundation, a strong personal bond, a well-oiled cooperative and registered, non-transferable organic brewery vouchers.

Investing in the Future

Investing in the future means providing more financial breathing room to an initiative you truly believe in.

By investing, you're building a direct relationship in an idea you strongly feel for.

Most likely, Biobieren Warmenbol is one of those initiatives that fits in perfectly with a shared set of values you support: organic, cooperative action and fair trade.

The shares in the Warmenbol cooperative are participant shares, which are also known as 'C-shares'.

What reimbursements will you be able to claim if you register for a registered organic brewery visit voucher (BB2) or C-shares with compensation in kind?

It's also possible to opt for dividend payment when subscribing for C-shares.

Would you like to subscribe to one or more of our C-shares?

In that case, you will receive fair compensation: an annual dividend voted on by the shareholders' meeting, or compensation in kind. It is up to you to make decide which one-off choice to make upon subscribing to our C-shares.

Another option is to sign up for a non-transferable organic brewery visit voucher by name. This will allow you to visit the brewery every year to procure your own beer, for as long as you live.

Interested? Apply for shares and organic brewery visit vouchers at any time!